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Price Range: $-$$

Can we just talk for a minute about t-shirts? Everlane has mastered a great fitting and feeling tee without the crazy costs. We’ve all said to ourselves at some point, why would anyone every spend so much money on a t-shirt? Well, rest at ease knowing that you don’t have to spend the $$ to get a great fit. Keeping their options minimal, you’ll only have a couple of options to browse, but the ones they do have are a great fit and great colors. They change seasonally, so be sure to keep checking back if you don’t see a color you like right away. Their story is inspiring, with their motivations being – knowing your factories and knowing your costs. I give you permission to browse their site at your desk while you try and not get salad dressing all over your keyboard. Also, if you throw in 2 $14 shirts, you get free shipping!

1. U-Neck Tee, $14. This is one of my favorite color and cut options available right now!

2. Ryan Pocket Tee, $25. Love the drape of this one.

3. Seed Stitch U-Neck, $60. Although pricey, you can bet on the quality of this sweater. The cut of this particular style is also one you won’t find everywhere.

4. Weekender, $95. Did I forget to mention they also make bags? This is one of their most popular colors and you can also get it in a tote size!


Overall: Check it out! They really do watch out for their costs. I bought t-shirts last year at $15 and they’ve been adjusted to $14 now. I know its not a lot, but its nice to know they aren’t inflating the prices just to inflate them.


Telsa Love


  1. Tels, I love these t-shirts!! but where is Everlane located?? I never heard of it!

    • Meredith, they are online only. They are great t-shirts and their business practices is a great added bonus.

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